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Top Five Games This Year, so far...

2009-08-08 21:35:17 by TheMysticCreature

My Top five games, (personal)

1. Call of Duty World at War
Reason: Nazi Zombies!!!

2. Gears of War 2
Reason: Its Gears..Duh

3. Castle Crashers
Reason: 4-Player fighting action!

4. Left 4 dead
Reason: Zombies!!!

5. Prototype
Reason: Cool Kill scenes

Thats my list, tell me about yours!!

Top Five Games This Year, so far...


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2009-11-24 15:47:39

In no particular order

Rock Band 2

COD 4 (haven't got 6 yet so shush)

Ratchet and Clank TOD (though I played the demo of CrackIn Time and it looks sweeeet)

Jak 3


probs more games but I can't remember lol. Or don't have them.


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