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Wish Edd was Here to read this.....
RIP Edd Gould

Don't Worry Edd, your World will keep spinning.


Funny and Original


This was good! Nice Voices Gaia!

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The controls are very stiff. Fun game, but too stiff.

Whats the fuss?

Ok, ive been a fan for EON and cf, and any other work he has done. This game hits it just right in my opinion, and i have been reading the posts below, about "terrible controls" and "laggy moments". Ok first, the controls have been perfect for me, so your computer probably sucks, that goes for the lagging. And for those people who complain about controls leading them off a platform for no reason, yeah check your keyboard, its probably has a screw up button. However i have come to laggy moments, which was about 2 seconds, and it didnt kill me. So instead of blaming the creator, why dont you make sure it isnt your keyboard, and just give the game a chance, have fun with the game, not despise it.


Its freakin awesome, and it feels like a movie

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I like cheese too, but yeah, this is awesome!

Stalagmite responds:

i dont know.. i am lactose intolerant :D

Wierd,but cool

It reminds of one of those thriller movies, when something weird happens, man it gives me goosebumps. But anyway good job gaia Bad-Man-Incorporated guy.

rednikaiaG responds:

Like me, TheMysticCreature------?
Nah. . . that'd be more like,
"Yappy as piss, but doesn't ever really say anything of value".
Ok, now to get rid of the goosebumps, gently rub your arms, in the SAME direction as your hair lays down. Breathe deeply and think good thoughts. You know, like rainbows and lollipops, glitter and fairy wings, crack rock an. . . . nevermind.
Thanks for the words, Dude. I hope you're not still freaked out. Don't worry, nothing's gonna sneak in your room, while you're sleeping, stab you 40 or so times, cut you up into small pieces and then store your remains in the largest tupperware container they can find, ah-ite? I mean, people like that are institutionalized or at least incarcerated, right? MuHaAaaaAAaaaa! Yeah.

..........Take care, be good and be weary of your neighbor.period

Hey Hey Hey!

This is funny, and catchy. I want to be in one though!

Stalagmite responds:

you can be! you just need some *waves hands making rainbow" IMAGINATION. rofl.
i will include you in my next non commital escapade. thanks alot MC. =D mak more TOONS!!!!!!

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