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I Don't Know

2012-12-03 16:26:15 by TheMysticCreature

Seriously. I Don't Know.

Surprise 3.

2010-07-09 22:54:01 by TheMysticCreature


Modern Warfare 2 is the biggest hype today. But the map packs can go right ahead and jump right off a cliff and land on a spike of dildos. "Why would you say this?" Because, 1200 Microsoft points, for 5 maps! Both packages have this...........dicks.

Surprise 3.

Surprise 4.

2010-07-09 22:01:43 by TheMysticCreature


What can you say about the xbox 360, everything, its badass, but what i didnt see coming was the new 250 GB, built in Wi-Fi. SHIT! Tears, so badass.

Surprise 4.

Top 5 Biggest Surprises of Past 5 Years

2010-07-09 21:54:47 by TheMysticCreature


Aliens vs Predator has been a big topic for years, games,movies, and even comic books. But i was pissed off when the new game sucked really hard(me and my friend played this game, and we thought it was good!).

Top 5 Biggest Surprises of Past 5 Years


2010-03-28 00:56:17 by TheMysticCreature



Top 5 video game heros

2010-03-28 00:16:48 by TheMysticCreature

5. KirbyKirby
Kirby is a pink blob of shit, however he still kicks some serious ass.

4. SnakeSnake
He simply kicks ass in the military, and i like snakes.

3. Castle CrashersRed Blue Green and Orange
4 god like cartoon like little bastards who will kill your mother...and father.

2. Ellis
Bad-ass Zombie Kill' Machine
One time me and Keith....

1. Frank WestHes Frank friggin West!
He's Covered wars ya' know.

Random Movie Review

2010-03-06 13:46:12 by TheMysticCreature

A movie created by a couple teenagers. We are off to a bad start.

Build up: 7/10
Structure: 6/10
Enjoyment: 7/10
Survivor: 8/10

Overall: 7/10

Its has some good moments to relate to, but not much is shown, as it borrows from alot of other ideas.

My Top five games, (personal)

1. Call of Duty World at War
Reason: Nazi Zombies!!!

2. Gears of War 2
Reason: Its Gears..Duh

3. Castle Crashers
Reason: 4-Player fighting action!

4. Left 4 dead
Reason: Zombies!!!

5. Prototype
Reason: Cool Kill scenes

Thats my list, tell me about yours!!

Top Five Games This Year, so far...

MC 2 delayed?

2009-07-28 13:15:28 by TheMysticCreature

Well alot of shit has happened, MC 2 is probably cancelled do to time not being worked on, so yeah.
Even doodle was cancelled. But i have a new animation that i WILL work on.


2009-07-09 13:07:48 by TheMysticCreature

Well ive done nothing so far yet, except for MC 2, but im working on an animation called doodle, no picture yet, but soon!